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SKIRTS Ruffles & Pleats Program to partner with local childcare facilities and elementary schools

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Reaching ages 6-17, this initiative is Chattanooga's NEXT big thing.

Ruffles & Pleats are always needed to complete a little girls skirt! This initiative will help little girls learn who they are in Christ among other things!

"Little Black Girls are magic. They are princesses; and They are NEXT," Shateria says.

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Shateria Swanson, who is the Media & Marketing Director of SKIRTS says, "This is BIG! The earlier we reach these girls, truthfully the better! These little girls minds are being shaped by television, social media and music. We've got to change the narrative. And what better way to change it than with a program for little girls. Events to keep them engaged with learning and empowerment is definitely the way to go!"

Book Reading, Easter Egg Hunt and Princess Day are just a few of the things we have planned for these girls! Right now, we are partnering with two daycare centers and one elementary school to do some events and giveaways. Stay tuned for what's next for this exciting group.

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