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Mask Off Masquerade Success

Several ladies are singing the praises of how much they were blessed at the Mask Off Masquerade.


Taking The Masks Off For Good

What happens when women come together in faith and begin to take off the masks of fear, depression, self-guilt, and condemnation? THIS.

Women all across Chattanooga gathered on Saturday October 6th and what a time it was. As they entered, masks adorned each woman's face. Upon departure, the masks had come off. "I just want to tell Mrs. Renita and Mrs. Michelle 'thanks' because I was really struggling with some things. When she talked about breaking free from sexual sin, I needed that," says one woman in attendance.

"We are doing the work, digging deep. It has to be done. Somebody has to do it. Nobody wants to talk about this stuff but women are hurting and hiding; and when women hurt and hide, that affects the community," says Co- Founder Renita Johnson. She continues "When the women are damaged and hurt, it affects the kids, the husbands. Community starts with strong women and we have got to start the healing process. We got to take these masks off and deal with the ugly stuff."

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