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Ruffles and Pleats Starting Summer 2019

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

It is our goal and vision to reach young girls ages 6 to 17. We have a responsibility to reach and impact the next generation. More information to come!

Ruffles and Pleats are coming in 2019! Grab your girls ages 6-17 and stay tuned!

"Empowered Women started as Empowered Girls."

Need for Girls Outreach & Ministry

In today's times, there is a need for: Ruffles and pleats & mini-SKIRTS! SKIRTS is determined to get into the school systems, aftercare and summer programs to reach young girls ages 6-17.

"We're going to be the BIG SIS that these girls need. I'm excited to have a hand in teaching them things like proper etiquette, manners, self-respect but most of all the biggest gift of JESUS!" says Renita Johnson. "We have an awesome team and I'm excited to see these programs take off. The young ladies that we are endeavoring to empower are dear to our hearts. We understand that healthy self-esteem starts early and we want to begin to shape them."

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