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It was two sisters Renita & Michele's dream to go into ministry together. Having the same father and different mothers, these two women of God grew up with very different outlooks on life. Satan attempted to get in between the two of them and their relationship but they were determined not to allow anything or anyone to divide such a powerful union. They knew that the community, the nation and the world needed what God had placed in their hearts. 

In April of 2018, Renita and Michele stepped out on faith and began SKIRTS, Sisters Keeping It Real Tight Spiritually. Close friends and family members came along side them to support and help initiate the organization. Like skirts, there are many types: Mermaid, Full, Ruffled, Pleated, Mini - just as there are many representations of women in our ministry. Just like a skirt, we are bounded tightly together at the waist, which is the core of a woman. 

Since the first Intimate Dialogue & Expressions event, these two sisters have touched many lives and their legacy will definitely continue to the next generation. They have accepted the call and are now reaching and teaching women of all ages. Out of their sisterhood, a larger vision has been birthed. With God, SKIRTS has grown to reach young girls and teenagers as well, with initiatives such as The Ruffles & Pleats(little girl 6-9 yrs / 10-17 yrs), Mini Skirts ( young ladies 18-30 yrs). These programs are designed to kick off the summer of 2019 with meetings for young ladies and summer fun and hands on projects for our littlle girls. The programs we have will help children and young adults  stay safe and focus on positive learning while they are on summer break. We need more hands and hearts to do what is needed to help strengthen families , strong families make stronger communities. We're building one family at a time.

Can we count on you to help support this Vision! 

We believe, with the right tools,

everyone can embrace their WHY,
can define their future and can change the culture.

One person at a time.

Our Mission

We encourage sisterhood and provide a safe haven for personal growth. We are a resource for home economics and family development.

   Mini-Skirts  age 18-30

Our Mission

Our Vision

 We teach tools on how to have life after trauma. We provide support teams to help alleviate hardships as we change the culture and help others discover their WHY. 

Our Mini SKIRTS Program Need Your Support Today!

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